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  What is the target Python version for Zope 3.4, is it Python 2.5?

Right now it's still Python 2.4, as Zope 3.4 is scheduled for next year,
we should consider using Python 2.5 though.

We should definitely try to *support* Python 2.5, but we can't require it till Zope 2 has been "certified" for it.

I don't think we should commit to any official support for more than 1 Python version for a particular Zope. So either we certify Zope 2.11 for Python 2.5, or we stick to Python 2.4.

My preference would be to get Zope 2.11 up to speed. The last time this was discussed with Jim, the idea was to try to use Zope 3's security proxy approach in Zope 2 for Python Script security - Jim and I had some ideas I need to dredge up from the back of my mind.

Jim, do you remember what was required?

Not exactly, but it was a lot of work.

See my other note about special challenges of 2.5 wrt security.


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