Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Before we move any issue collectors to launchpad, we need a bit more
> experience with the launchpad issue tracker and its capabilities.

The first couple of links on are to
"Highlights of feature planning" and "Highlights of bug tracking"
documents.  They explain how Launchpad is to use, and also how to use
the email interface to the bug tracker.

> I'm also wonder whether launchpad has good issue export facilities
> in case we want to move to another system.

As a manager of the Launchpad team at Canonical, I can commit to
providing the issue and specification export facilities that are needed
to move a project from Launchpad to some other system.  The export
facility for bugs is going through a code review right now, and I expect
it to appear on the live site within the next week or two.

There is not yet a supported export facility for specification metadata.
 There is a very rough unsupported one.  I'll get someone working on a
supported one as soon as they've finished work on the bug export facility.

I'm also interested to hear about features or changes Zope developers
would like to see in Launchpad.  You're welcome to contact me off-list
about this, if the discussion is off-topic for Zope3-dev.

Steve Alexander
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