> Finally, I'm experimenting with using launchpad for bugs:
>   https://launchpad.net/products/zc.buildout/+bugs
> and feature requests:
>   https://features.launchpad.net/products/zc.buildout/
> So far this is working OK. I haven't really stressed it. Launchpad makes
> this very easy to set up and I don't think they are allergic to having
> us create lots of projects.

We're fine with you creating lots of projects, and actually Launchpad is
meant to support working that way.

The way the bug tracker is set up, it is straightforward to transfer
responsibility for fixing a bug from one project to another, or to
indicate that there is a shared responsibility.

For example, I might file a bug on Zope, but really it is a bug in
zc.buildout.  Rather than filing a new bug elsewhere, whoever triages
the bug can reassign it to zc.buildout without losing comments or
history or subscribers.

Steve Alexander
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