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    Thanks for the input.  I wonder if anyone wants to volunteer to
    spearhead a track prototype for <>?  One of
    the things I like
    about Launchpad is that I don't have to do any work.  If someone is
    willing to step forward and commit to a Trac implementation, I'm happy
    to try it out.  I'd like to see a short-term commitment to work out how
    we'd use it.  If we liked it, I wouldn't want to switch to it without
    a long-term commitment to maintain it.

Ok, I've setup a prototype at

I put some text from the zope 3 wiki (without the links), copied the roadmap from that same source, uploaded the zope3 trunk to the svn repository

This worries me a bit.  Integration with svn seems to be a major
selling point of track, but you haven't done that.  I'd like to see
a prototype that is actually integrated with our subversion repository.
What would be necesary to make that happen?  Do you need actual access
to the local subversion files? Or can you access them remotely?


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