Previously Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> | This worries me a bit.  Integration with svn seems to be a major
> | selling point of track, but you haven't done that.  I'd like to see
> | a prototype that is actually integrated with our subversion repository.
> | What would be necesary to make that happen?  Do you need actual access
> | to the local subversion files? Or can you access them remotely?
> Last I checked trac needed direct access to the local repository. It
> *might* be able to do remote access these days, but I wouldn't count
> on that.

It depends on what you want:

- in order to use the repository browser from trac trac needs filesystem
  access to the repository
- for the commit/issue linking magic (commits automatically
  updating/closing tickets) pretty much any communication channel
  between a post-commit hook in the repository and trac can suffice.


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