Adam Groszer wrote:
Hello Philipp,

Friday, October 6, 2006, 9:06:39 AM, you wrote:

I'm suspecting that Adam, who built the 3.2.x releases, was executing the wrong command when building the tarball, because on the 3.2.x branch doesn't contain the formatter line. It's on the 3.3.x branch that does.

Yeah, now I'm even more puzzled. Indeed there is nowhere a formatter line
in any, but in the
(after the build)
I'm still trying to figure out how it comes.

See Entry #4 on

but of course you need to replace Zope-3.3.0b1 with the current tag (which is 3.2.2). My suspicion is that Adam forgot to do that and so he
built a tarball of 3.2.2, but with zopeskel from 3.3.x.

I'm sorry, but I did it. But the required command is not exactly the
says that I should run

python ..\zpkg\bin\zpkg -C releases\Zope.cfg -v 3.1.0c1 -t Zope-win

It looks like the instructions aren't complete here. You should be specifying -r 3.2.2 here so that it looks at the tag.

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