On 10/7/06, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
There's a Zope 3 port of zwiki.

There's http://svn.zope.org/zwiki/.  I just checked it out into a Zope
3 trunk checkout, added in a bit of configuration, and poked at it.
My first impression is that it's more than a little raw.

- HTML WYSIWYG Wikis that don't use any form os structures text (small s)
   and just use an HTML editor.  I think that structured text of any kind
   is an obstacle to Wiki use.  Moin moin's markup rules drive me as batty
   as old Structured Text drives other people.  ZWiki supports EPOZ
   editing and I'd love to see that used.  Of course, this sort of experience
   avoids the need for preview or structured-text documentation.

Didn't someone write one like this for Z3?  Possibly as part of a
zope3.org thing?  I now vaguely recall something being done, but
that's about all I remember.


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