I'm having trouble keeping up with this thread, so I'll
just make some suggestions, which you can take as edicts
if you want to. :)

wrt the repository, if you choose to use the zope subversion repository:

- Projects that want their own trunk, branches and tags
  or that have depenencies on external software not included in a standard
  zope+python installation should be placed in top-level project directories.

- Otherwise, projects can put their packages in src.

wrt installation

Zope installations will have a software area and an instance area.
Each will have lib/python directories. Software can be installed in
these directories or anywhere else on the Python path. You will have full
control over the Python path used via zope.conf.

Zope 3 dosn't provide any packages that it expects things to be
installed in.

I hope this helps. :)


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