Martin Aspeli wrote:
Hi Jim,

I have some wiki desires of my own that I'll probably never realize:

- HTML WYSIWYG Wikis that don't use any form os structures text (small s)
  and just use an HTML editor.  I think that structured text of any kind
  is an obstacle to Wiki use.  Moin moin's markup rules drive me as batty
  as old Structured Text drives other people.  ZWiki supports EPOZ
editing and I'd love to see that used. Of course, this sort of experience
  avoids the need for preview or structured-text documentation.

Wicked can do this, I believe, and it will likely (pending voting) be in Plone 3.0. You write ((foo)) and you get a wiki link to foo, regardless of text format.

wicked is a bit AT specific, but whit is working to make it be more general, and factor out the re-usable bits. I'm sure he can chime in.

i can add a bit more to this. wicked isn't really a full wiki implementation, instead it focuses on the one feature that, IMO, is what really defines a wiki: the ability to very easily link to existing content, or create new content if the existing content doesn't already exist. notable wiki features that wicked does NOT cover include the handling of any particular formatting markup (wicked doesn't care), and revision control.

wicked was developed against AT, in that specific AT fields on specific content types can be made wicked-aware, so that they support wicked's ((wiki syntax)). thus it becomes very easy to add wiki-like behaviour to any existing content type. we don't want this to be tightly coupled, however, and some effort has been made to decouple it. ideally, the injection of the wicked evaluation, the wiki syntax (linking only, formatting concerns are outside wicked's domain) that wicked honors, and the means for performing the wiki evaluation (currently makes heavy use of CMF's portal_catalog for this) would all be pluggable, usable in any arbitrary python environment that supports adaptation. considerable progress has been made on this front, but i'm not sure what the absolute latest is.

if anyone wants to see wicked in action, you can play around in the sandbox project on the code is available in the plone collective:



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