For our application the standard securitypolicy was fine.
Until today. Now a requirement came up that the object permissions
have to depend _also_ on an object state (the object's property).
As I checked my friend is the zope.app.securitypolicy.zopepolicy.py.
Securitypolicy gets set in the instance/etc/securitypolicy.zcml:
    component="zope.app.securitypolicy.zopepolicy.ZopeSecurityPolicy" />

So I'll have to write a custom securitypolicy based on the zopepolicy.
Modify the securitypolicy.zcml.
But that will override the policy for the whole instance.

My concern is how to override the policy just for a sub-folder/site?
The _defaultPolicy seems to be very-very global.
Any ideas?

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