On 10/7/06, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Fred Drake wrote:
> So whatever the ZF's plans for dealing with zope.org, I think there's
> no way to go wrong with the wikis except by keeping what we have now.
> While it's nice to use a Zope-based solution, I think we need to just
> get a solution that works.  That could be a Zope 2 installation with a
> recent version of ZWiki, or something else (MoinMoin would make me
> happy as well, and has good reStructuredText support these days).

reStructuredText support would be greaet. As well as EXPLICIT Wiki
links. All those damn question marks on things that shouldn't be
drives me absolutely batty. I believe that Wikipedia is incredibly
useful because its links have to be explicit, and not accidently by
way of FunNy SpellIng.

> Yeah, I'm grumbling.  It's Friday night, and I've had it with the
> archaic StructuredText.

If we end up using Trac, we'll be using that wiki.

I have some wiki desires of my own that I'll probably never realize:

- HTML WYSIWYG Wikis that don't use any form os structures text (small s)
   and just use an HTML editor.  I think that structured text of any kind
   is an obstacle to Wiki use.  Moin moin's markup rules drive me as batty
   as old Structured Text drives other people.  ZWiki supports EPOZ
   editing and I'd love to see that used.  Of course, this sort of experience
   avoids the need for preview or structured-text documentation.

I think reStructuredText and Markdown are quite acceptable structured
text syntaxes, especially for an audience that is largely technical. I
think a system that facilitates easy copying and pasting from doctest
documents, formatted doc strings, emails, etc, is ideal. We have a
Knowledge Base application developed in-house that allows use of
Textile, reStructuredText, Markdown, Plain Text, etc. The big benefit
is that its easy to bring in data from sources ranging from
Writeboards (Textile) to Zope 3 doctests and our own docstrings and
other in-code documents with just a copy and paste.

WYSIWYG editors for browsers are getting better, but they can still be
a bit slow, taking me back to using geoWrite on the Commodore 64.
Type'n'wait :).

But yeah... I've found it much easier to share and upload technical
documentation when the Wiki / Knowledge Base / Whatever supports the
structured text syntax I've been writing in.

Oh well.

I absolutely agree that we need to replace the existing wikis.  One other thing
we'll need to consider is anti-spam capabilities.

I'll agree with this agreement.

Jeff Shell
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