Jim Fulton wrote:
I may be missing some then... which narratives are you thinking of?

You cited 3 in your note.

I'd like there to be a good narrative that actually ships in zope.testing, I'm willing to do the work to make that happen provided I can get some help on writing the doctest of zope.testing that's required...

You create a layer whose __bases__ include LayerX and
LayerY.  If you're layers happen to be implemented
as classic classes, you then could use subclassing.

What happens with new style classes?

Basically, will the above work or will the savepoints become a horrible jumbled mess and I end up with several ZODB connections as well?

That's a good question.

I was afraid you'd say that ;-)

Looking at the code on the zope.testing trunk,
it looks like this should work.

I'll give it a try with Zope 2.9 then... if you hear my screams of pain from across the atlantic, you'll know something hasn't worked right...

PS: can I use '.MyLayer' as a layer, or do I always need to put the full dotted path in?

You have to use a full dotted path.  You can also use the
Layer object itself.

Ah, didn't know you could use the Layer object itself...


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