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Chris Withers wrote:
> Hi all,
> (sorry if some of this is Zope 2 - ish, the thread kinda started here
> and the underlying bits of this are certainly relevant to Zope 3)
> As you may have guessed by the flurry of mails today, I've been
> refactoring a 2000 test suite to use layers.
> I was hoping to use savepoints to speed things up...
> Each layer drops a savepoint in setUp and then rolls it back it in
> tearDown. Likewise, the TestCase's setUp would drop a savepoint and the
> tearDown would roll back to it.
> Sounds great, no?
> Well, no, actually:
> 1. Usual problems of some datamanagers not supporting savepoints.
> MaildropHost and some of the project's own products datamanagers do.
> mxODBC does not :-/
> 2. dropping savepoints is slow. Figuring this might be due to saving
> data from the layer each time transaction.savepoint() is called, I
> thought of getting round this by dropping a savepoint at the end of the
> layer's setUp method. This did make thing a litte better, but:
> 3. savepoints are really slow :-(
> What's the usecase for savepoints? I would have thought this kind of
> thing would be ideal, but they seem really slow...
> For example, the above test suite takes about 300s to run prior to
> introducing layers.
> Using savepoints in place of transaction.commit()'s meant it took over
> 400s! :-(
> So I'm left what the actual use for savepoints is and if they could be
> made any faster?

Dunno, but this question belongs on zodb-dev.

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