Baiju M wrote:
   Can any please review this:

zope.location depends on (ISite interface)
How to make eggs for ?
Any example* egg ?

I don't have time to look at these, but I'll make some general comments.

I think that, at least in the short term, we'll need a egg that
included zope.component.  I would define the boundary of the egg
based on the contents of Packages.cfg file in the src/zope/app directory.

IMO, we need to make a namespace package, so that we can package
the other packages in  I think, based on experience over the
last release cycle, that moving packages out of is going to be
too disruptive.

I'm working on a set of ZCML proposals that will, among other things, allow
us to make a namespace packages.  I'll try to get these posted today.


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