On Sunday 22 October 2006 14:21, Jim Fulton wrote:
> 2. Making it much easier to implement configuration handlers and
>     actions is important when there are many different handlers and
>     actions.  This was true when we moved to schema-based
>     configuration but now many of us would like to see a smaller
>     selection of configuration options.

I think the desire to have a smaller set of configuration options is due to 
the fact that a lot of teams work pretty much in a Python developer 

In the two projects I am involved in, there is a desire to develop high-level 
configuration directives to allow another audience to do customization and 
integration. Zope 3 Developers (be it core Python or template integration 
developers) are a real scarce at this point, so we need to find solutions to 
make other developers productive without them knowing the dirt about Zope 3.

Thus, I would really hate to see ZCML directive creation to become more 
difficult. But then, you (Jim) said that you want to be BBB, so I am not 

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