Jim Fulton wrote:
I've created a proposal to deal with eggifying zope.app:


(That's a confusing title for a proposal that deals with eggifying zope.app, because it seems to me that the configuration issue is just a minor detail in the overall process of making zope.app an egg(s))

From the proposal:

Previously, our plan was to move move these optional packages out of zope.app. Based on experience over the past few months, especially
the reaction to our initial moves, I now think that this would be too
I think the cleanest approach is to make zope.app a namespace

I agree.

We wish to distribute the Python packages now contained in the zope.app package in separate eggs. This would probably consist of a large zope.app egg containing the packages listed in the current PACKAGE.cfg file and a number of other eggs for other commonly used but optional packages in zope.app.

I agree somewhat. One of the benefits of the "moving-out-of-zope.app" process was that we looked at each package's dependencies and removed a bunch of interdependencies that were unnecessary. Now that we're not moving stuff out of zope.app anymore doesn't mean we shouldn't try to make some of the zope.app packages independently usable. zope.app.container, for example, deserves its own egg and so do a bunch of other packages.

Basically, the goal of my original proposal (http://zope3.zwiki.org/MakeZopeAppSmaller), that Zope 2 should be able to use core Zope 3 functionality without having to include the Zoep 3 application server, is still valid, IMO. I'd rather see many zope.app eggs with well-defined dependencies than one big chunk with a few additional eggs.

I think your proposal should be amended with some specifics regarding which eggs we will see in the future. I also have an updated draft of my MakeZopeAppSmaller proposal lying around somewhere that has all the current dependency information. We could leverage that data.


P.S.: Thanks to everyone who contributed to the http://zope3.zwiki.org move. The layout is really nice and it's good to know to have an up-to-date wiki with reST support!
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