Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

I've created a small proposal to add egg support to zope.configuration:

You write:

  We are making increasing use of Python eggs for Zope development. We
  need to be able to load ZCML from eggs.

That obviously raises the question how are we currently *not* able to load ZCML from eggs? (Lennart seems to have that question, for example.)
> Is it just about loading stuff from ZIP files?

Right. See my response to Lennart.  I'll add this to the proposal.

You allude to that but don't spell out the API you want to add to configuration contexts. The full scope of the proposal isn't obvious therefore, as it's hard to see how existing directives will have to be refactored.

Good point.

Also, what will the new usage of <include /> look like? Some examples would be nice, e.g.:

  <include egg="" />?

OK. I thought it would be obvious.  But I'll add some examples.

Will we be able to say

  <include egg="" />

to require a specific version of the egg?

No.  The ZCML directives aren't responsible for specifying
which eggs to use. Rather, they responsible for loading
configuration, which may need to be loaded from an egg.


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