On Mon, 2006-23-10 at 10:28 -0400, Jim Fulton wrote:
> Fred Drake wrote:
> > There's this draft proposal; I guess it's time for me to finish this:
> > 
> >    http://zope3.zwiki.org/ZIPImportSupportForZope3
> > 
> > This reflects work I did at the Goldegg packaging sprint in San Jose.
> > The changes from the branch should be easy to move forward if people
> > agree that it's a reasonable approach.  It offers the advantages that
> > 1) there's already code, with tests, and 2) it works with all imports
> > from ZIP files, not just eggs.
> So I guess for loading configuration files, it uses a more general API.
> I think this is good for the case where we load from a package.
> I think we need to think harder about the file-access API.  I'm not sure
> what the point of making file references string subclasses is.  Some other
> questions on the file-resource API:
> - What is the basepath argument to the new method used for?
> - What is the "context" of the caller to packageReference?
> Finally, we need to be able to deal with some cases that pkg_resources
> will deal with that I think the API you used won't, namely:
> - setuptools namespace packages, and
> - loading from eggs who's names are not package names.

Can I ask why Zope needs it's own api for this and we don't just use
pkg_resources?  Loading files from arbitrary zip files is handled by
python's builtin zip api, no?  The rest appropriate stuff we should be
able to get from pkg_resources.

If pkg_resources has obvious fallacies, perhaps we should communicate
with the author to address these?

- Rocky

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