Hi All,

Jim brought up the issue on IRC that I have known about for a while now that Twisted in Zope3 really needs to be updated. There are few other related issues that need to be sorted out apart from getting Zope3 running and all its tests passing. So I propose:

1. SFTP - lets just rip this out - it doesn't work and I don't have the interest to carry this any further.

2. Tests. I added code to zope.app.twisted to make the Twisted trial tests run within the zope testrunner (these are needed to test the Twisted / Zope3 FTP integration). But in later versions of Twisted trial does run, without modification, in the zope testrunner. So I propose adding tests to zope.testing to make sure that this still is the case - as there is nothing more annoying then tests that always pass no matter what happens. This wouldn't change any functionality of zope.testing but will just be a few extra tests that get run only iff twisted is installed.

3. Don't use an external branch, but import a Twisted release into the Zope repository. This was brought up before by some one after the Twisted subversion server went down and the Zope buildbot failed.

A while back I got Zope3 running with the Twisted trunk and the tests passing with some changes to Zope. So over the weekend I will plan to make a branch available with the goal of getting all the work done so far out there and to get on with the rest of the issues.

 Any other issues, questions on this topic?

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