Baiju M wrote:
On 10/24/06, Baiju M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi all,
I have created a proposal to _tack eggification_ of zope.* packages,
which is already started.

May be I should change the status as IsInformational ?

Buildout support for individual packages are not included in this proposal.
I think it can be another proposal.

I have chaged this proposal also to track zc.buildout support for
zope.* packages.
But I am not sure zc.buildout support is a release goal of Zope 3.4?

My plan is to base 3.4 on buildout.

As far as buildout support for individual packages, that's up to the
package maintainers.  I do think a goal should be to be able to
run each packages tests independently (with the packages dependencies
of course).  This is a good way to make sure the dependencies are complete
and also eases development, in my experience. Buildout makes this
easier to do.


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