Roger Ineichen wrote:
Hi Baiju,

Can you tell me if it's possible to build eggs out off
the box on windows or do I have to do something before
I can build eggs with windows?

The requirements for building eggs (other than setuptools
of course) are exactly the same as the requirements for installing
distutils source packages.  If there are no extensions, you
just need Python.  If you have extensions, you'll need VC7.

Can you give me some hints or point me to the right direction?
If so, I can start building eggs for the z3c packages.

We only need windows-specific packages for packages that
have extensions.  You should wait for someone to build
source distributions first.  Distributions with extensions will
normally be distributed as source packages.  They will be
distributed as eggs only for platforms that don't normally
include necessary compilers.  For these, you'll download and
expand the source distros and then:

  python bdist_egg

This assumes that the setup files use setuptools, which all
of ours *should* be.  (ZODB doesn't because it hasn't been
distributed in a while.)

If you have buildout installed, you can use it to run the
setups script.

  bin/buildout setup dir bdist_egg

where dir is a directory containing an expanded source distro.
This has the advantage that even works with distros that
don't support setuptools.  Alternatively, you can just install
the packages locally with buildout and harvest the eggs it creates.


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