Baiju M wrote:
   As part of eggification [1], I was creating an egg of zope.testbrowser
There are some functional tests in that package.  So, I have to copy few
ZCML files to top directory from an instance to run the functional tests.

No you don't and shouldn't.

How do we handle the functional tests for individual packages?

Each package *should* define it's own functional test layer using or  This will require each package to
define a minimal ZCML file that includes just enough to be able to use
the package.

Should I add all ZCML files to each packages which required functional testing?


I think I am missing something here, because Zope 3 main works
without these
ZCML files?

I'm not sure what else you're doing, but the Zope 3 instance recipe
can add ZCML slugs to package-includes.  This will allow older packages
that use the default functional testing layer to work as they do now.

I have committed zope.testbrowser [2], to enable functional tests,
change test-pattern in to '^f?tests$'.

BTW, I'd like to phase out the use of ftests files.  The older testrunner
used file names to decide whether to run tests as unit tests or functional
tests. The current testrunner uses layers so we don't need a different file name
any more.


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