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Baiju M wrote:
> Log message for revision 70964:
>   Initial commit of zope.fssync for eggification.

I'm really glad to see so much work being done on eggification, but am a
little concerned as to the mechanics.   I'm worried that if dozens of
packages are separated out before they are actually knit into Zope
proper, we'll get drift between the two.

It would seem to make more sense to eggify one or a few packages and get
them properly working in the core, and then go from there.

zope.fssync and some other packages are not distributed with Zope 3.
In fact I am preparing another proposal to move these packages to
another location
in subversion [1].
So, if I do the eggification of those packages now itself, it will be
easier for implementing that proposal.
Remember, spring cleanup is another release goal of Zope 3.4.

[1] http://kpug.zwiki.org/RemovalOfNonDistributedPackages

Baiju M
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