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Benji York wrote:
> Baiju M wrote:
>> On 10/29/06, Benji York <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> I'm really glad to see so much work being done on eggification, but am a
>>> little concerned as to the mechanics.   I'm worried that if dozens of
>>> packages are separated out before they are actually knit into Zope
>>> proper, we'll get drift between the two.
>>> It would seem to make more sense to eggify one or a few packages and get
>>> them properly working in the core, and then go from there.
>> zope.fssync and some other packages are not distributed with Zope 3.
> That doesn't answer my question, for two reasons.  There are still
> duplicate copies of the code.  I suspect we should be removing the code
> from the core tree as the packages are separated out (of course we have
> to have a story for people who use those packages from the trunk first).

Leave an 'svn:external' behind to the new location, perhaps with a
'DEPRECATED.txt' file stating when the external would go away?

> Also, there are several packages that have been copied that /are/
> included in the core.

Again, 'svn:external' is the way to avoid the duplication.

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