Markus Leist wrote:
> Hi there,
> maybe this is an interesting chance to give international publicity to zope3.
> see here:
> http://www.plat-forms.org/
> I think, the result of such programming contest will bring more transparency 
> in
> pros and cons of Zope3 development, which can be published to the world.
> Hey, there are really good people in development of Zope3 and the
> component-architecture of “our python-application-server” should
> be compared to other applications, or? (ok, not new ...)
> My own software-developer-skill isn't good enough for this contest.
> The results will be published on a high level;
> zope3 and the developers can obtain great acceptance, i think.
> Any developer there ( 3 developer a 30 h)?

Thanks for pointing this out.

I've been talking to the organizers already and Martijn Faassen, Philipp
von Weitershausen and me are thinking about setting up a team already.

I'm also giving a talk about Zope itself at the conference where
plat_forms takes place.

I'll post an update once everything is clear.


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