On 11/3/06, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

what about calling the evolve() scripts from your generation? That would
be reasonable IMHO.

I'm trying to do that now. And now it seems that evolve3 (for
zope.app) is failing because it wants to use the new Registrations
system to do something to Pluggable Auth group folders...? But of
course, the new registrations system won't work until evolve4!

Blargh. I was hoping to run the zope.app registrations fairly
"properly" through the schema manager, starting from the current until
I got to the level I require... But it looks like I'll have to
manually monkey with the order...


I blame myself. I should have gotten more involved during the beta
testing period for Zope 3.3, just to test it against our old

It's been a rough week.

Jeff Shell
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