On 11/5/06, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I meant to note that the efforts to eggify many packages
is a crucial and much appreciated first step in the effort
to get an agg-based Zope 3 (and someday Zope 2) checkout and

Now most of the zope.* packages are eggified, but some packages should be
considered broken because it's functional testing are not working.

We have to use test layers for functional testing with at least one
layer per package based on ZCMLLayer ?  Then there will be
TestBroserLayer, PublisherLayer etc.
or should we create a ZopeAppServerLayer derived from ZCMLLayer and
use it for  the packages where application server is required to run

To eggify zope.app.* packages we should implement this proposal ? :

I have implemented this in my checkout with an ugly hack and tried to eggify
one package, can anyone review this ?

Where do we place zope.app.* individual packages in subversion?
If we are placing it in toplevel (under main) there will be about 90+ packages.
What about creating a 'zope.app' directory in toplevel and put all
zope.app.* packages there ?

Baiju M

P.S: My marriage in on next Sunday, so I won't be doing anymore
eggification in coming days.
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