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We have to use test layers for functional testing with at least one
layer per package based on ZCMLLayer ?  Then there will be
TestBroserLayer, PublisherLayer etc.
or should we create a ZopeAppServerLayer derived from ZCMLLayer and
use it for  the packages where application server is required to run

Any package that needs to register anything beyond this basic
ZopeAppServerLayer will need to define a new layer.  Running the tests
like that can take time, since the layers take time to build, but
isolating the components is worth while, since it makes it easier to
re-combine components in different ways, so the only tests that are
needed for the integration are those that test the integration itself.

Where do we place zope.app.* individual packages in subversion?
If we are placing it in toplevel (under main) there will be about 90+ packages.
What about creating a 'zope.app' directory in toplevel and put all
zope.app.* packages there ?

I see no reason to introduce a new convention at this point; there's
already a long list of packages at the top level, several more won't
make it less convenient.


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