I'm in the process of developing a Zope-3 application that needs to be
installed on several Windows machines. Since I do not know (or happen to
like) Windows that much I'm trying to make the deployment as easy as
possible and zc.buildout might help me with that.

zc.buildout itself appears to be "Windows-compatible", however, the
zc.recipe.zope3instance recipe is not. More specifically, when building
an instance based on Zope-3 as installed with the Windows installer.

Should I report bugs for zc.recipe.zope3instance (I have a possible patch too! ;) in the Zope-3 collector, or in the zc.buildout's lanchpad bug tracker?


ps. (I realise the dicussion about zc.buildout takes place on the distutils mailinglist. I figured the following issue about a Zope-3 specific recipe should be posted here though? If not please say so and I'll re-post it on the distutils list.)

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman
software ontwikkelaar, Instituut voor Nederlands Geschiedenis

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