Christian Theune wrote:
> Shane Hathaway wrote:
>> Unfortunately, the adapter hook is in C.  It would be great if I could
>> switch it to Python.  Is that possible?
> I remember being able to step into it. pdb then put me into the next
> Python-level within there ...
> Probably you can delete some .so file to make it not use the
> C-optimizations.

Good idea!  That helped a lot.  I deleted
src/zope/interface/, allowing me to use
pdb to discover it was trying to instantiate a
'zope.traversing.namespace.view' with only one argument.  That looks
like a Zope testing bug to me, but I need to concentrate on solving
other problems, so I changed my code to directly instantiate the view I
needed.  Now the tests pass again.

> It's a great way to give people a migration/exit strategy out of
> existing ZMI apps.

For me, the value is in the comfort of a transparent database.  I want
to know exactly what Zope is storing.  FileStorage makes that fairly hard.


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