I plan to do some bugfixing in zope.formlib and zope.app.form. This is what I'd like to fix first:

The HTML label tag is not used correctly with items widgets. The result is invalid HTML. This is how a MultiCheckBoxWidget is basically rendered::

  <label for="WIDGET_NAME">WIDGET_LABEL</label>
  <div class="value">
    <input id="WIDGET_NAME.0" name="WIDGET_NAME"
           value="spam" type="checkbox">&nbsp;spam
    <input id="WIDGET_NAME.1" name="WIDGET_NAME"
           value="ham" type="checkbox">&nbsp;ham
    <input id="WIDGET_NAME.2" name="WIDGET_NAME"
           value="eggs" type="checkbox">&nbsp;eggs

The 'for' attribute is invalid because its value is the *name* of the widget, not an ID of an input field.

Pointing the label to a specific input field would not be very useful. AFAICS the widget's label tag should have no 'for' attribute at all. Instead, each value text should be a label. Something like this::

  <div class="value">
    <label><input id="WIDGET_NAME.0" name="WIDGET_NAME"
           value="spam" type="checkbox">&nbsp;spam</label>
    <label><input id="WIDGET_NAME.1" name="WIDGET_NAME"
           value="ham" type="checkbox">&nbsp;ham</label>
    <label><input id="WIDGET_NAME.2" name="WIDGET_NAME"
           value="eggs" type="checkbox">&nbsp;eggs</label>

The widget's label tag is created by the form template, not by the widget. ISimpleInputWidget doesn't seem to have an attribute that is useful for creating a label tag. zope.formlib uses IWidget's name attribute, but as the example above shows it is not always useful.

So I propose to add a 'controlID' attribute (or something similar)::

    controlID = TextLine(
        title=u'Control ID',
        description=u'ID used for binding the widget label.',

In most cases this would have the same value as 'name', but for MultiCheckBoxWidget and other item widgets this could be set to None or the ID of a specific control element.

Does that make sense? Am I missing something?

This is a bugfix, but also a significant change. Is it fine to fix this on the Zope 3.2 and 3.3 branches?



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