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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
yuppie wrote:
Looking at the output generated by formlib, I got the impression nobody cares much about valid output.

formlib's standard template is horrible. zope.app.form's rendering is much better. I have no idea why formlib uses its own horrid template any way, it could simply have used widget_macros from zope.app.form (which is what I always do in my formlib forms).

Well. I can't see why Zope 3 has to ship with two completely different implementations of widget rows and I don't like the formlib template either. But this is not the code that causes validation errors.

AFAICS the biggest problem are the poorly maintained widgets in zope.app.form.

I object; this is still a change to the contract.

Well. It depends on the point of view. This seems to be the implicit contract. The templates in zope.formlib and in zope.app.form use the widget name in the 'for' attribute, so they depend already on that behavior. Making this contract explicit by fixing the description in the interface doesn't mean to change the contract. Or does it?

The description of interface methods and attributes are part of the contract. We should therefore be reluctant to change them, unless

* we just add documentation

* we now explicitly state a contract that has been assumed implicitly before

I think this would be the case if we choose the more pragmatic solution.

This looks like overkill to me. No use case comes to my mind where focusControlId would be different to labelControlId.

But if Zope 3 policies require a new interface for changes like that and if we really want to stick that close to the HTML specification I'm fine with adding IWidgetControlInformation.

I'm not an expert on the exact HTML mechanics here, but it always sounds good to me to stick close to existing specs. The HTML spec is what people can refer to and what people know...

I'd say people don't care about the specs as long as validators and browsers don't complain. But maybe this is too pragmatic.



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