Christian Theune wrote:

Martijn Faassen wrote:
originally we intended to do a Zope 3.3.1 release in November to get
virtually bug free.

I didn't see any momentum on this. How about a bug day?
I'm supposed to be the release manager for this too. I was hoping
someone else would volunteer but of course I already committed to this,
so I should pick up on this myself. :)

I wouldn't mind to do that, if you want to get some load off.  It could
let me exercise a bit for the next major release that I've taken over
anyway. (OTOH we did agree to distribute the task amongst different
people to have more people know about the release management process ...)

Since I'm unfortunately not able to be there tomorrow at the bugday, I'd be very happy if you could take this load off my shoulders.

I will definitely help with some release at *some* point in the future, though. :)



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