Jean-Fran├žois Roche wrote:
  I meet a usecase that i don't really see how to solve. My users need
some kind of contextual help and these help files need to be in
different languages. I looked closer at onlinehelp but it seems that no
i18n link have been done. I was wondering if you might have an idea on
how to implement this in a nice way ?

I've thought about this a few months ago and my initial thoughts was about slightly modified interfaces like this:

class II18NOnlineHelpTopic(Interface):

    def getTitle(language=None):

    def getPath(language=None):

    def addResources(resources, language=None):

class II18NSourceTextOnlineHelpTopic(II18NOnlineHelpTopic):

    def getSource(language=None):

    def getType(language=None):

Unfortunately it's just a raw thoughts and I don't have time right now to start implementing it. :-(

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