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Chris Withers wrote:
Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
once you have that utility / adapter you should be able to call it like:

  converter = getAdapterFor(123, type=IToStringConverter)
  strResult = converter.convert(123)

Not quite, what I'm looking to do is more along the lines of:

mystr = getAdapter(123,str)

OK, less talk, more do... and when I stop worrying about it, it all gets very easy:

>>> from zope.component import provideAdapter
>>> provideAdapter(str,(int,),str)
>>> from zope.component import getAdapter
>>> getAdapter(123,str)

Yay! That's _exactly_ what I want. Although it does suggest that 'adapt' should be provided as an acronym for 'getAdapter'.

Anyway, now all excited, I tried this:

>>> def to_date(value):
...   try:
...     return DateTime(value)
...   except:
...     return None
>>> provideAdapter(to_date,(str,int),DateTime)
>>> getAdapter('2006/11/16',DateTime)
Traceback ...
('2006/11/16', <class DateTime.DateTime.DateTime at 0x00E73600>, u'')



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