Tom Gross wrote:
I have a site with some utilities. One is a, which seems to be the cause of the problem (see the test). A NotYet-Exception is raised, when I try to add a to the container with the utilities. I can add a StatefulProcessDefinition-object to an empty container. I'm using Zope 3.3 and Python 2.4.3.

Got a traceback handy? (Remember: any error description should *always be acocmpanied by a traceback, otherwise it's not very useful)

I have a suspicion as to what this is about (something's missing a __parent__ attribute), but I'd like to see the traceback first for confirmation. Yes, I could execute the test somehow, but that would take me a couple of minutes on my slow machine, and you already know what the error is, so you can just as well describe it to me in detail :). Note that providing a test is highly appreciated as it helps with the reproduceability of the problem...

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