Adam Groszer wrote:
> Hello Christian,
> Meanwhile Manfred dropped me an answer:
>>  From my perspective there is now way for implementing an compression
>> inside the widget because it is built in Flash / Actionscript and for  
>> security issues, you are not allowed to access the file on the  
>> filesystem. You only get an FileReferenceObject which you can control  
>> to post your data to the server. It is the same issue as with  
>> JavaScript.
>> So unfortunatly, I believe that your goal can not be reached inside  
>> Flash - you would need a Java Applet for doing such stuff.
> We are making a document management system, our users usually should
> be concerned with .doc, .xls and so on filetypes. They compress well.
> Main goal is to reduce waiting time on submitting the form.
> First step is to have the uploads compressed, second step is to
> transfer only the differences as subversion does it.
> So it won't work with Flash. I already found an open source java
> applet which could be extended.

I almost would have expected that your .doc and .xls are compressed
already nowadays ... I checked a random .doc file and you're right. It
compressed to 25% of it's size, so it actually might be worthwhile to do


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