Hi Fred!

You vetoed my first proposal, so please let me know if I was able to convince you that it is the best short term solution. Or if you are at least fine with my alternative proposal.

yuppie wrote:

This is what I propose:

- I'll fix the issue in Zope 3.2, 3.3 and trunk by making the current contract explicit and by changing the widgets that don't fulfill that contract.

- Everybody is welcome to propose a more sophisticated solution for Zope 3.4. That might include new features like focusControlId.

If you still object to this, I'd alternatively volunteer to fix the bug in Zope 3.2, 3.3 and trunk this way:

- Adding a new interface IWidgetControlInformation with one new attribute called labelControlId.

- Making sure the widgets in zope.app.form implement it and zope.formlib uses it.

Not fixing this at all is definitely the worst solution. So if nobody speaks up, I assume it is fine if I fix it as proposed.



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