Olivier Grisel wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen a écrit :
Olivier Grisel wrote:
I was wondering where are the eggs for the version 3.3.0 of the main
of Zope3. I am mainly interested in the following components:

- zope.interface
- zope.component
- zope.testing

and their dependencies.

I used to find them either on http://download.zope.org.distribution or
on the
cheeseshop but this time it seems like nobody did the release.
Right. The overall Zope 3.3 release happened, but nobody did the actual
eggs. Perhaps you'd like to do them? It should just be a matter of
setting the external to the right tag and executing setup.py build_egg.

Ok but I do not have the checkin privileges to add the missing tags on
individual packages.

It's easy to get those :)

I'm sure Jim would also give you upload privileges to download.zope.org.

What place is best? download.zope.org or cheeseshop.python.org ?


I think at least zope.interface and zope.component and their dependencies deserve a cheeseshop publication as they can be useful dependencies to non-zope projects.


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