Benji York wrote:
> Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
>> Log message for revision 71542:
>>   ignoring .svn in skeleton
> Might I suggest that any file with a leading dot be ignored.  That would 
> keep us from having to add exceptions for other revision control systems 
> (at least CVS, bzr, and Mercurial use dot files in one way or another).

Right. CVS though also uses SVN.

Notice: Ignoring files is needed for two cases here:

a) To ignore bogus files from the zope3instance recipe, which definitely
is subversion

b) To ignore bogus files from the buildout/skels/ directory, which
depends on the version control the buildout uses. I guess ignoring dot
files will be fine. If somebody asks to also ignore CVS, we can of
course to that too.


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