Zagy and I stumbled over the widgets today, and I already had a
workaround sitting on a widget that we wrote and wanted to remove this

The issue is that the method "_getCurrentValue" sometimes returns an
'input value' and sometimes 'a form value' (specifically: it returns a
form value if the method getInputValue wasn't able to validate/convert
the data from the request).

However, the method "_getFormValue" always assumes that
"_getCurrentValue" returns an "input value" and uses "_toFormValue" to
convert it into a form value.

In the case, that "_getCurrentValue" returned a "form value", this
*sometimes* breaks, depending on the widget's implementation of

Zagy and I fixed this issue, by making the methods "_getCurrentValue"
and "_getFormValue" use a common method to retrieve the "input value"
and handle the case of converting to the "form value" cleanly.

However, we are not sure, whether this should be considered a bug or a
feature and would like to discuss whether this should be back ported.

You can find the change set in r71548.

(We documented the change in the 'Bug fixes' section of the CHANGES.txt
for now.)


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