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Jim Fulton wrote:
The Zope3 collector isn't actually *that* bad in this respect.  IMO,
it could do without the topic and version info fields.
Topic I'd agree with, but I would have thought version info would be pretty useful?
Sure, but it could go in the description along with all of the other
information needed to reproduce the problem.

Right. I find it helpful to know which version the reporter talks about
and would love if we'd keep inviting them to write in the version.

There are much more interesting things to ask them for, like
detailed instructions on how to reproduce a problem.

now we do that with a separate field. (In other collectors this also
makes it easier to query/manage the bugs.)

Certainly the field we have now is so free form that it would never be
useful for any sort of analysis.

When people design forms, they tend to include all sorts of fields
to support queries and analyses that somehow never get done.

I'm quite sure that no one has ever used our version field for
any sort of analysis or query, because it wouldn't work.
If one were serious about doing so, they would maintain a list
of versions and make this a select list.

Note that I don't really care much about this specific
case.  I'm mostly grumbling about the very common tendency to
over engineer input forms.

I am confident that every field that is added to a form
decreases the number of people who will be willing to fill
out the form.


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