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Jim Fulton wrote:
Christian Theune wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:
Is it what needs to be fixed before a release?
I think "core" is largely is a meaningless label in a system, the
collector where we collect too much information already.
Hmm. Would that mean we should provide better different labels in the

IMO, we should collect less data. A common design mistake is to make
systems over complicated, including forms that collect too much data.
The Zope3 collector isn't actually *that* bad in this respect.  IMO,
it could do without the topic and version info fields.

Ah. By less data you didn't mean less issues/bugs but less qualified
data fields. Hmm. At least I agree if that means less *required* fields.
And the current collector isn't very bad in that, I agree too.

The topic could probably go away, and maybe we could also remove some of
the options from the classification.

(I bet that "issue", "feature", "bug", "bug+solution" would be enough,
maybe "feature+solution" but I don't like the "+solution" very much.)

Didn't we start some discussion a while ago about moving away from them?
Does someone have this project on his radar still?

Yawn.  IMO, the collect, despite it's flaws, isn't bad enough to
spend time on, especially given other priorities. OTOH, I'd be happy
to just switch to using Launchpad, which would require basically no
effort, especially if we don't bother transferring old collector data.

I'm sorry to bore you with that, but I didn't notice that we had a
definite outcome of the last discussion.

Of course not.  That's what makes such discussions so tiresome.
People have lots of ideas and complaints about easy solutions,
like sticking with the current collector or moving to launchpad,
but are unwilling to actually step forward and make commitments to
implement other options.

This also goes into what
Martijn said the last time:


That link isn't very helpful. It points to a message in which Martijn says nothing and
a thread in which he says many things.

I'd be happy using launchpad too. The last link points to a discussion
that didn't have any decision in the end. I wouldn't go as far as
abandoning the old collector data.

Then I think we should stick with the current collector unless someone
comes forward to do the work of moving the data, or unless we decide
we don't need to.

Anyway, wfmc isn't included in and therefore doesn't affect releases.
K, that's enough for me to ignore the one bug then. ;) You mind if I put off the meaningless 'core' label for now so I can manage the bugs a bit

I don't know what you mean by "put off".  I'd be happy to change
the topic options. Or, perhaps change it to have one topic: "Ignore this field".

I meant to say that I wanted to remove the 'core' label from that
specific bug to make it stay out of my query for the things we need to
tackle for a 3.3.1.

PS: I'll start using the importance '3.3 release'  as a 'whatever next
release in the 3.3 branch is to happen'-marker.

I think that is a great idea.


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