>> I'd be happy using launchpad too. The last link points to a discussion
>> that didn't have any decision in the end. I wouldn't go as far as
>> abandoning the old collector data.
> Then I think we should stick with the current collector unless someone
> comes forward to do the work of moving the data, or unless we decide
> we don't need to.
> ...

As many of you know, I'm manager of the Launchpad project at Canonical.

I hereby offer the services of a member of the Launchpad team at
Canonical to write Collector code if necessary in order to get an export
of bugs from the Collector in a format that can be imported into
Launchpad, to import said bugs into a demonstration server of Launchpad
so we can check that the data conversion is good enough, and to do an
actual import into the Launchpad production database, and to do this
during January 2007.

In return, I want a commitment that we'll use Launchpad for bug tracking
for 6 months.  (The bug data will be available in a documented XML
format if y'all decide that Launchpad isn't for you, and you want to
move to something else after this time.)  I also want to give the
Launchpad developer a single point of contact in the Zope community who
will make decisions about any questions around mapping the semantics of
Collector issues into Launchpad bugs, or lead discussions on the mailing
list about this if necessary.

There are a few Launchpad developers in the Zope developer community, so
I think there's a good communication channel there.  Nonetheless, I
would also like to offer the Zope Foundation Board phone and online
access to the Canonical 24/7 support office for getting a quick response
on any critical issues that are affecting use of Launchpad, while the
Zope project is using Launchpad as its bug tracker.

I'd appreciate a decision on this offer before Christmas, and preferably
sooner, so I can schedule the time before I leave on vacation.

I'm available on irc.freenode.net as SteveA to discuss this, by email,
and phone/skype by arrangement.

Steve Alexander

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