I've updated the roadmap for Zope 3.4 a bit to start reflecting what I
remembered people said they wanted to see.

I've identified four larger pieces of work:

    * EggificationOfZopePackages
      (turn Zope into smaller pieces by using eggs)
    * [ZopeAsABuildout]?
      (pull the smaller pieces together again using zc.buildout)
    * SpringCleaning07
      (remove unmaintained, undistributed components from zope.app)
    * BlobIntegration

I've written up something for the spring cleaning and the blob
integration as a first draft. Any additions/comments are welcome!

I'd like to get some feedback on the eggification, as the proposal IMHO
needs some work on the goals that should be achieved within the scope
and how it relates to zc.buildout. (Is turning each package into a
buildout within the scope or not?)

When reading through earlier mailing list posts, I noticed that Jim
wanted Zope 3.4 to be based on zc.buildout. I think this is a good idea
because it gives us the mechanism to get the eggs back into the
distribution. I don't know what needs to be done on the Zope side and/or
the buildout-side though. Can someone help out with writing a couple of
sentences there?


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