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I Would consider it a bug or at least a mis-feature, if a display widget could
render hidden values. You can easily solve this problem better using

There are some corners here.

To support hidden form input (especially if a form field can move back
and forth between hidden and visible, which I think is an interesting
and useful case), there needs to be *some* way of setting the current
input aside.  Using hidden input fields is one way, and sessions are
another.  In either case, the original input must be handled by the
input widget, since only it understands what controls it is using.
The current approach is to use the hidden() method on input widgets.

Changing this to allow different ways of setting the input data aside
must still rely on the input widget providing the data and a way to
restore the data to the widget.  This is not available in the current
API for input widgets.  If we had this, we could get rid of the
hidden() method.


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