I've updated the spring cleaning proposal with the suggestions (and
additional votes from people posting in this thread).

Please have a look at: http://wiki.zope.org/zope3/SpringCleaning07

There still is an open sub-task, to check for packages that are in src/
but not distributed with a release nowadays.

@Jim: I put the buildout integration onto the prospective features list
and I guess this is quite a bit of a project.

I picked up your idea for buildout integration from a mailing list
thread in the archive, but didn't see any more specifics. Would be nice
if you could give a few sentences of input about the idea so we can
relate to it.

I'm not sure we should target it for Zope 3.4, but I have the feeling
that SpringCleaning, Eggification and buildout integration kind of go


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