Hi Jim,

> It's premature to announce (we plan to have eggs on pypi 
> soon) , but take a look at zif.xtemplate at 
> zif.sourceforge.net .  It's pretty alpha at the moment, but 
> it uses a DTD and some xpath to get around the "tags that 
> shouldn't be minimized" issue, and it includes a first stab 
> at an HTML sanitizer, to use when snippets of untrusted HTML 
> are to be included on a page.  In addition, the entire page 
> DOM is available for postprocessing right up until 
> serialization.  Of course, those with better lxml knowledge 
> are encouraged to point out issues with the implementation.

What's up with jsonserver?

Did you move the package to a new repository?
Can you offer a mailinglist for the zif packages? I'm
very interested in observing the state of jsonserver since
we use it most projects.

Can you give a short statement about the zif and 
jsonserver repo?

Roger Ineichen
> -Jim Washington
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