Michael Kerrin wrote:
> On Monday 18 December 2006 21:32, Christian Theune wrote:
>> Michael Kerrin wrote:
>>> Suppose I could merge some of the changes that from that branch to get
>>> rid of ssh_* and sftp code which should be independent of any twisted
>>> upgrade. Then a SSL cleanup is also independent of an upgrade, come to
>>> think about it.
>> Did you have any chance to look into this?
> I am doing this now. Really sorry about the delay.

Don't worry, I'm not trying to annoy people or make someone feel sorry.
I know that sometimes those things sometimes just get lost somehow and
just want to check that things stay on the radar in general. Don't feel
sorry. I'm happy that you're contributing!

>> I also guess that the twisted upgrade could be documented on the road
>> map for Zope 3.4 so everybody knows that this is currently happening and
>> maybe someone wants to join you. Want to put a short page in there?
> Good point, I will do this now.

BTW: I did a quick check on the SSL/SSH keys and didn't find any test
cases break, just for you to know.


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