Baiju M wrote:
Hi Jim,
         I tried to implement your Loading Configuration from the Egg proposal [1] in one svn branch
(baijum-zope-app-zcmlfiles) [2].  If you are not yet started it's
implementation can you review this branch?

[2] svn://

Much thanks! And much thanks again for all the fantastic work you've been doing
on eggifying Zope 3!

This looks good.  My original intent was that we'd look
in *only* if we couldn't find the requested file
in, but I'm fine with what you did.  Your approach, which is
to *always* look in has the advantage of being
less complicated.

I suggest you merge this to the trunk.  My review was not very thorough
but if I missed anything, we can sort it out later.

I guess with this, we can create a Zope 3 buildout that  only uses eggs.
Hm. I wonder how that will work. :)  I guess we want a egg that
provides the package and lists the packages
included by that as dependencies, assuming that they are separate
eggs....which I guess they aren't yet....

I guess that we can make a collected egg now and
break it up later as people have time to make individual
eggs.  This egg could include just the packages
from needed to make' configure.zcml work.


This is fantastic! (I think I'm going to cry.)


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